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Ravine Vineyard Website Design and Development

It almost feels strange calling Ravine Vineyard a winery. Although they make beautiful organic wines of terroir, it’s easy to take this for granted, or lose the emphasis on wine within the greater fabric of amazing offerings this family has to offer from their farm that’s as old as Canada.

The place is simply dynamic, fresh, full of energy and passion for doing everything well while never fearing to try new things. This is expressed through their wines, their celebrated restaurant & culinary program, the organic farm that feeds the restaurant, their event hosting and coordination, the outdoor wood oven, charcuterie cave with vinyl  record collection — endless.

When we were asked to create a website for Ravine and somehow capture what is Ravine, what happens at Ravine and most importantly convey the excitement and passion that’s there, it seemed clear to us. We had to create a website that projected a quilt of ideas. The various ideas, people, influences and departments that make this place had to be sewn together as one so that people could see how it all related.

The solution also needed to be flexible, dynamic, expressive and to easily evolve. It had to be a conversation starter and engaging supported by a spontaneous flow of information.

This custom designed WordPress site allows the content director to run the site like a magazine, tying ideas together throughout  using relational posts while keeping pages fresh and spirited by relying on clean, spontaneously shot imagery.

An integrated e-commerce solution is also near launch using a tailored WordPress solution and payment gateway.

Ravine Vineyard is a family run organic winery located in Niagara Canada in the St. David’s Bench Viticultural Region.