2013 Peller Brix 50 Icewine

Andrew Peller Limited Wine Package Design

Insite Peller Brix 50Insite Peller Brix 50 trioInsite Peller Brix 50 Inside StoryInsite Peller Brix 50 Box ElementsInsite Peller Brix 50 Open cover Insite Peller Brix 50 Peller Signature Close Limited Edition Ultra Premium Icewine Raises The Bar

Canada is known globally for producing exceptional icewine. What makes Canada, and in particular Niagara unique is that its consistently cold winters provide Niagara wineries the confidence to count on making it every winter.

In 2013, a long hot summer collided abruptly with one of the earliest and spectacularly cold winters on record. This allowed the Peller winemakers the occasion to leave incredibly ripened fruit on the vine and wait for the perfect time to pick.

The result was mind blowing and of a rarity that may never be seen again — the fruit achieved a whopping 50 degrees brix. Knowing the wine would be special, it was made with the intention to age it, something that just isn’t typical in icemen production.

The final result is beyond description — Pure Canadian Liquid Gold.

The package was designed to communicate the story, rarity and uniqueness of the product. Using fine papers and a stripped down palette  of gold and dark brown, the package experience consists of an outer box and sleeve which creates a tactile experience for the user as they peel away the layers to the wine inside.

Once the sleeve is removed and the hinged setup box is opened the story of the wine is revealed on the inside cover. Next a gold ribbon carrying the wax stamp of Peller is slid out of the way to unfold a gold hot stamp coversheet, presenting the bottle with it’s pearlescent diamond patterned paper label, gold foil embossing and diecut features.

The complete package fulfills an ultra premium experience with the product and Andrew Peller Winery itself.