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The challenge to any communicator or brand today is to deliver a message that encapsulates the the immediate short term purpose of your communication, while building brand understanding and audience association. And do this in possibly the noisiest time of human history — as well as holiday season.

One of the best means to deliver a layered message is in video. It’s a rich visual medium that can deliver brand, ideas and layers of messages simultaneously while people are also “experiencing” you for a few seconds within their elected quieter environment.

As part of a for Burlington Downtown, Insite was asked to promote the concept of Free Parking for the month of December. Understanding the challenges of communicating a typically dry and practical idea to a broad audience in a busy noisy season, we conceived creating a personality for the concept of free parking downtown, so the area could “own” the idea. Free P! is an idea that can be easily adopted and related to the downtown business area and reused for future repeated periods. The idea or icon as it has been boiled down to, can then be used as a recognizable sub-note to advertising in any medium, which will hopefully become quickly recognizable with little effort.


To assist adoption of the idea, and solicit audiences to promote the idea to others, Insite created and scripted a video that could tell the story of FreeP! from the viewpoint of people downtown in a fun, tongue and cheek manner.

The result is a communication that allows the downtown to be seen in a different light toward building a stronger brand. But also, the best result is a communication that assists in continuing to build culture and collaboration among business, residents and visitors that enjoy their daily lives in the downtown space.

The video is hosted on YouTube and distributed through Twitter followers using the ling and the hashtag #FreeP4all.