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Insite Centro Garden Maple Syrup smReally Local Maple Syrup

If you are a small retailer, you likely care about supporting local producers and makers because you know that this is what makes the economy work. However you’ve likely also concluded that finding products that are ready for retail can be difficult. Centro Garden, an independent home and garden style shop in Burlington Ontario knows how hard it is to find local retail ready products.

To solve the problem, Insite Design and Centro Garden decided to collaborate on creating a line of products that celebrate the local producers and makers that are right around the area. Really Local is an approach as much as it is a package. It allows Centro to source amazing products and then adapt a package to suit it and get it on shelf.

The packaging focuses on source and sense of place. It starts the story telling for the producer and invites you to find out more and discover the world of incredibly rich products grown, produced and made within a few kilometres of the store.

The palette was kept simple, hand involved and subsequently low cost at small volumes. In the case of Maple, a bulk bottle was chosen, filled by caring producer Deerfield Farm of Burlington and then hand dipped in paint before the small label was applied.

The result is modest and adequate, not trying to steal the show of the product in the bottle while being well suited to the rustic Centro interior.


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