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Centro Expands With an Exciting New Workshop Space

As part of the exciting expansion of the successful Centro Garden in Downtown Burlington Ontario, we recently reimagined the role of creative space and workshops within retail.

Our philosophy of retail is that good brick and mortar retail has transitioned as a traditional place of exchange and needs fulfillment to a lifestyle cultural centre. When done right, a good retail environment is a place of inspiration and experience. A place for audiences to learn, be entertained and inspired, meet great like minded people in a curated product oriented environment and build a relationship with the style providers that keep the place evolving.

A critical component of retail is the workshop. This series of evolving activities creates an engaging interaction between audiences and staff, allowing the retailer to educate, demonstrate, entertain and inspire their guests while becoming valuable content within the participants’ lives. Simply, workshops are popular for good reason.

So during the recent expansion it was essential that the workshop experiences and daily creating space for staff be treated more as an exciting critical space within the business model than simply a flexible room at the back of a shop. The result is a beautiful light filled arena for creativity that allows working staff and browsing clients to blend during days of production as well as the room to stretch and host exciting workshops of any flavour.