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Centro Garden
Live Outside Inside.

Centro Garden is the passion and brain child of local Burlington Ontario entrepreneur, Jason Pepetone. Jason grew up in gardening, following the footsteps of his father who established the family reputation of being among the largest and most progressive family of garden centre companies in North America.

Jason long felt that a change was needed in retail and in particular, within the garden centre business where he saw the passion for providing lifestyle and excitement in the lives of the customer was in danger of becoming a thing of the past, along with down to earth appreciation for craft, art and good design.

Consequently, Centro Garden was born as a reset — to bring simple enjoyment of the plant centric and craft inspired life, back to life.

Insite was asked to assist from scratch, to help boil down what the essence of the consumer experience could be as well as how to engage good design and craft in order to bring that outside world inside and offer it to the local community. Working together we developed a strategy for how the store would operate through philosophies of design and style to naming and graphics programs.

Centro Garden — Live Outside Inside was developed to envelope the ideals and communicate the simple concept of how exciting life can be when you blur the transition from inside the home to out on the patio and vice versa. The metaphor continues to further suggest that there is room in our lives for what’s become outside or fringe concepts of good design, art and craft. Lastly the brand hopes to communicate that there is room in your life for plant centric living. To restore our comfort for bringing the outside elements back into our homes and lives.

Centro Garden is a living design and style store that hopes to bring the real to life. Centro blends design and ideas with finished green centric goods. We’re a relaxed general store for design, art, and the indoor and outdoor garden.


We designed the modern rustic interior to be progressive and design oriented while focusing on creating a warm and down to earth appeal. All aspects of the environment had to be congruent with the brand essence since the whole is the offering and the brand.

To envelope these ideas, together we designed and hand built fixtures, shelves and cabinets utilizing reclaimed and vintage materials, much of which was recovered from the construction of our sustainable home. Trees that were cut down during construction were milled on site and stored that eventually became shelving and barn board fences became cladding for the checkout and bulkhead as well as chalk boards and shelves.

For the communication program, the store needed to have a flexible yet cohesive look that could be applied across many types of products and situations, inside and out. Casual stamps combined with an industrial machine tag metaphor were used throughout in various forms including pricing, information and hand produced business cards.

A flexible retail system was created for signage and information cards that accompany products on display. The simple board made from recycled mahogany is covered in a brand pattern application on the back and a branded info sheet is clipped to the front using a standard alligator clip. All info sheets are pre-printed blanks of various sizes that can then be imprinted by staff on site as required.

Interwoven with the store concept is their website which we created as a dialogue to tell Jason’s story while revealing the concepts and intent of the store’s philosophies. Currently still in blog format, the site will make a slow transition to more product centric story telling but in the interim, and perhaps permanently as a component of style and ideas, the blog will remain as the creative and inspiration outlet.