Cimoroni & Co. Branding and Website

Cimoroni & Co. Brand and Web

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Cimoroni & Co.
Branding and Website

Cimoroni — make s*it happen

Yes, that’s the positioning and yep, that’s what they do. Comoroni & Co. is a no bull content and licensing deal maker that assists brands in diving deep into the global content pool and coming out with rich brand alignments, celebrity representation deals, international level event licensing and sponsorship deals, moving picture content concept and production. Really, they pull together just about anything in the mega media sphere that companies know they need to get involved in but sit around the board room asking — how the hell are we gonna get from here to there? Cimoroni. That’s how.

Insite was asked to assist in building the Cimoroni brand. We arrived at a forward, no nonsense proposition that suits the founder’s reputation and legacy. More to come.