Dillon’s Negroni

Dillon's Small Batch

Dillon’s Negroni – Prepared Cocktail

Line Extension Brand and Package Program

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers was founded in 2011 with the lofty goal to bring authenticity and seasonality back to spirits. To allow people to feel a connection to where the spirits were made, what the ingredients were, where these fresh seasonal ingredients were grown and even who the growers were. To this day Dillon’s stays true to their promise of keeping the spirts real — with real ingredients, real people and really well made spirits.

Though Dillon’s had become well known for their pure spirits, Dillon’s and Insite saw an opportunity in the prepared cocktail segment to tell the same story of authenticity in real ingredients and sense of place.

Together we focused on a number of key goals for the product.

Firstly the challenge was in how to present serious cocktails in a fashion that would be flexible to be fun and easy for the beach as well as sharp and sophisticated enough to take to a dinner party.

Next, the package needed to speak to the craft and authenticity side of the cocktail and its ingredients, as well as deliver an overt feeling of ritual and timelessness.

And finally the package needed to be a program that would allow a series of cocktails within a form that could become a recognizable silhouette for years to come.

The result has been incredibly well received by audiences who quite clearly welcomed the alignment of Dillon’s core values to the prepared cocktail. Demand is far exceeding production, selling out within hours to days with each batch release.