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Dillon’s Small Batch

Handcrafted, one batch at a time.

Apparently, starting a distillery in Canada is a mountainous endeavor to say the least — hence why so few have.

This gang of self punishing adventurers asked us to assist in the challenge by outfitting them with brand gear from essence to name through positioning, identity, package, brand environment (interior & activities) and interactive.

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers, the namesake of Geoff Dillon distiller, will be the first Canadian distillery to open up in ages and certainly among the finest, most hand involved. Residing in Beamsville Ontario amidst the thriving Ontario wine region, Dillon’s is perfectly situated to access the bounty of natural botanical and fruit ingredients that will be the mainstay of their varied production.

“Craft. It’s the purest demonstration of what you believe in” — Geoff Dillon

Initially Dillon’s will focus on small batch seasonally inspired vodka based spirits but their hearts are set on restoring our country’s pride in Canadian Whisky, Rye and Gin.

Still in development and sprinting to be open for business this fall 2012, the craft distillery will be an exciting respite for the spiritually inclined.

Check back for updates.

See the website www.dillons.ca

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