Dillon’s Small Batch Experience

Dillon's Small Batch Distillers Brand Environment Design Build

Creating Brand Interaction

A critical part of a brand expression is it’s home — the place where is lives and from which it heads out into the world. Many brands miss the opportunity to create brand environments that help tell the story of the product and the people behind it. A place where your audience can visit, learn, engage and be consumed by what the brand is all about.

With Dillon’s Small Batch we assisted in designing and building a physical experience for the people and products — an environment or living “package” that allows people to get to know and experiment with the brand within a more theatrical setting.

Dillon’s spaces and experiences were conceived to provide vistors with entertainment and learning within an aesthetic and feeling that tells a the more emotional side of the brand essence that typical retail can’t do.

In addition, the environment is allowed to emphasize the brand package and further create excitement for what Dillon’s is trying to do.

Insite worked on most aspects of the design and build including creative, technical drawings, working directly with trades, selected paint palettes and textures and even design built custom lighting, retail signage, tasting experience kits, bathroom fixtures and bar fixtures. Insite also selected the furniture and assisted in merchandising layouts.

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