Dolcetto Risto Itala

Dolcetto Risto Itala Brand & Restaurant Identity

How do you capture the essence of Italy? Their ability to merge the old and new in a manner that seems alive and refreshing is inspiring.

Our friends at Bertoldis Trattoria in London wanted to create a new restaurant — a child of Bertoldi’s that would be more spirited and urban while holding onto the Italian tradition — a challenge akin to the essence of the Italian way.

This became the brand. Dolcetto Risto was born. Dolcetto is an Italian term for a sweet style of wine or small sweet thing — as is this restaurant.

The brand work needed to embody the idea of old and new, fresh yet looking as though it was a timeless Italian pop icon that’s evolved since who knows when, like the classic Italian Liquor brands.

If you’ve sat in the piazza cafe under the Campari sign in Florence, you know what I mean. You are struck with the timelessness while amazed at the fresh of the moment pop beauty of the culture.

The project was a pleasure to roll out across so many expressions — signage, menus, identity pieces, take-away packaging, website in works and more. So fun.