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We’re big believers in the concept of sustainable business and economy achieved by supporting local. We were particularly excited to have been asked by the downtown Burlington Ontario business association to assist them in their communication and branding efforts. Being that we live and work in the downtown, as do our team within the local area, this is local putting its money where its mouth is.

For us, the approach to the communication involved taking a step back and looking at what we could do to assist in strengthening community while also supporting the exciting events and culture building ideas that the downtown core have been working on for 2013. What kind of communication and mechanisms would it take to assist the downtown community to interconnect and strengthen. How would this look and how would this speak?

We live in a fast paced, highly communicative and visually motivated world and as such the conclusion involved revamping the downtown’s approach to communicating. We focused on building a web and integrated print media platform that would visually illustrate and expose the exciting ideas and people hidden within the downtown core — both businesses and residents.

What’s here and what’s happening — now — is the boiled down emphasis of the new message. All components strive to assert this idea that the place is happening. It’s all here and if you aren’t here, you are simply missing out.

To express this, the solution involved integrating real time social media and relational blogging content in a manner that connects actual relevant information and happenings with the businesses and people downtown. The WordPress backbone allows content managers the on the fly ability to assist  businesses to express more contextually and of the moment, forwarding their ideas and events in order to leverage the website’s traffic reach to a broad audience.

The print media campaign builds on and supports the website as a brand hub. Print’s purpose is also to drive the idea of what’s here and what’s happening. Print presents snippets and teasers to get people to engage in the website and then explore their virtual businesses and the people who run these businesses. The goal is for the audience to discover all that already exists, but for a moment to see the place in a new exciting light, to dig deeper and discover that this place called Downtown Burlington is relevant and compelling.

So far, so good.