Earth Fresh Foods – Update

Earth Fresh Foods Brand & Consumer Package Design

Earth Fresh Foods – Update

Some projects are just so fun when you get the opportunity to wind up and break through the “nothin’ to work with” design wall. What we mean is that when working on a new brand, you are starting from scratch without a voice. To assist the brand owners in expressing personality you have to create tone, ideas, textures, themes, a story that fits and is sincere — but this is difficult to do until you yourself understand the brand and space completely. This takes time, and often sadly there simply isn’t time.

With Earth Fresh Foods of Mississauga Ontario, the team at the top understands that the expression must fit and be sincere and time is a luxury they have appreciate as this brand will be around for a long time. Consequently we were able to develop a really fun and inspirational palette to tell the story of this Canadian potato grower and just do things right.

Knowing that the majority of visibility for the Earth Fresh Foods brand was going to be on consumer packaging printed as flexo, we designed a palette around this medium, to take full advantage of the printing processes’ great saturation and solids, while also leveraging the often downside of flexo’s misregistration.  With our design palette, the more misregistration that occurs, the better the package will look due to an extensive use of vector illustration based spot colour and overprint techniques.

Currently we are finalizing a range of new packages that we are very excited about and hope that the consumers and market place will be too. Stay tuned for more as the packages are released soon. We’re diggin’ potatoes.