EarthFresh Foods Booth

Earth Fresh Foods

Everyone at Insite has emotional ties to the ground along with exhaustive philosophical beliefs about our food and how it relates to our environment. Just ask our friends how tiring we can be. Consequently it is not surprising that we have focused our work in the areas or wine and food — an arena that is not only fun to work in but is populated with fun and similarly philosophical people with similar beliefs.

Recently we had the honour to begin to assist the philosopher king behind Earth Fresh Foods (Formerly MacKay & Hughes) in realizing his dream that his growing potato and produce company could become more environmentally sustainable and educate the market place that local, healthy food production can work.

Though early in the process, our initial work has included a rebrand at the message and visual communication level covering materials from stationary, food supply sales support, through to their trade show booth which, amazingly won best inline booth at Canada’s National CPMA in Vancouver.

A great start for an amazing company. More to come as we begin the steps toward web and package.