Hager House

Residential Custom Home Design & Interior

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Custom Modern Green Home Design & Interior

Insite designed and worked with the builder to complete this 5,000 sq.ft. modern residential green home in Burlington Ontario. The philosophy of the project was to create a comfortable modern family home that could follow sustainable and green home principals without compromising on style, usability or practicality. The house was entered into the LEED for Home Canada program and scored Gold, falling just short of Platinum due to size.

The design extensively features passive techniques for conserving energy such as thermal massing for mitigating temperature fluctuations, deep roof overhangs to avoid solar heat gain, concrete floors for efficient radiant heat distribution and clearstory windows for brightening the interior to avoid hot artificial lighting. The home heating and cooling is powered by a geothermal heat pump and rain water is harvested for irrigation as well as grey water is re-used for toilets. The result is a comfortable, livable modern home that uses half of the energy of conventional new builds of it’s size.