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Henry of Pelham Estate Winery Wine Brand and Package

Family Tree by Henry of Pelham

Sometimes, when a family’s legacy and history is so colourful and deep, it supersedes those that continue to build upon it today. There becomes a steward like focus and lens through which everything is presented, masking the new generation.

Such is the case with the illustrious history of Niagara’s Henry of Pelham family estate and the Speck family that own and operate the winery while stewarding the family land.

Recently the Speck Brothers felt it was necessary to tell another side of the family legacy. Where the Henry of Pelham story and wines could remain an expression of the land and legacy — classically focused,  Family Tree should express the people; family, friends, neighbours and growers — those who have worked in the past to create the foundation for what the Specks are today, and those who toil today to continue family traditions and make great wine — a contemporary focus while upholding the quality standards Henry of Pelham is know for.

Everyone can relate — a Family Tree is really an appreciation for all those that have come before us to make us who we are, as well as a celebration of those who simply keep at today. For without these people and the love and dedication to family they exude, the legacy would rest.

The label is an illustration of a black walnut tree that rests on the Henry of Pelham estate property beside the historical family plot. The tree was planted in honour of the death of the Speck Brothers’ father and continues a Niagara tradition of planting black walnut which garnered the area’s reputation as the Black Walnut Trail back in the period of the foundation of Canada.

The foliage is simply layers of family names from the Specks, and other branches of Henry’s family.

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