Henry of Pelham Wines

Henry of Pelham Winery Various label designs and re-designs


Following the repackage of the famous Henry of Pelham “Blue Label” series (above), Insite was asked to take a crack at packaging their very well respected sparkling wine for the holiday gift period (top) – to be sold through the LCBO.

Utilizing a thermal tube sourced by the winery, Insite dreamed of the possibility to both present a package that spirited re-use with consumers but also might bring attention to the high quality of Canadian sparkling wine — in this case a bubbly made in the traditional Champagne method that rivals the best as judged by the wine press.

Following a number of proposals, we engaged the artistry of the well respected illustrator Jacquie Oakley, asking her to create a vision of Catharine as the embodiment of bubbly. The finished illustration was integrated into a design that utilized minimal branding in order to diminish commercial garishness and encourage re-use and re-gifting. The result positions Canadian bubbly in a new light or genre that isn’t typical.

Released winter 2008