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House Wine Company

The Speck brothers behind the venerable Henry of Pelham winery in Niagara Ontario have been carving out a pretty solid niche in the market — offering discerning wine drinkers a high quality wine experience at a range of price points and styles.

Recently they began to explore wines more focused on their personal style and philosophy under the moniker of The Speck Bros. Wines, the first release of which is House Wine Company.

Speck Bros. Wines allows the Specks the agility to produce wines that express the other aspects of their personal story and interests without diluting their previous successful brands such as Henry of Pelham and Sibling Rivalry Wine.

Insite began assisting them on the personality and visuals of this new House Wine Co. brand by creating series of art and illustrations that could embody the idea of a House Philosophy. The goal of House Wine Co. is to re-establish peoples’ belief in the house wine as a confident choice similar to that of a restaurants house specialty.

Eventually, and many sketches and iterations later, we arrived at a simple and honest chalk form of illustration and writing that would express the easy and sincere wine in the bottle.

A package was created as well as carton. To ensure the story could be well told to a wide audience, we filmed a series of videos to explore the idea of house wine and how a house specialty or favourite go to wine can make life or experiences simpler and more enjoyable.

Speck Bros. Wine YouTube Page

Additionally we designed the online experience and peripheral items such as t-shirts and sales team support.