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Every project has the opportunity to be great

We’ve been at this design gig for a while which grants us the opportunity to be selective with what finished projects we reveal on our website. Nonetheless, we do post most projects online. With that, we receive a fair amount of positive emails and questions asking how do we get so many great jobs with exciting clients.

I’ve got a simple answer for you. We make them great jobs.

No. I don’t mean we are so awesome that all projects turn out looking hot. What I mean is that when any project comes in the door, we have choices to make. Even of small projects we can all ask ourselves, do we design like it’s the most important project of our career or treat it like an annoyance that’s in the way of sweeter jobs and shove it out the door without much thought or extra effort in execution? The choice is always yours. We choose to make it a winner.

So when a project comes in, as you know, it is usually bundled with a whole duct taped mess of conditions, budget restraints and preconceived directions from the client. This can be daunting to unravel and consequently some projects just beg to get shoved out the door, tape and all.

Talk about the project

But what if you ask everyone to take a breath, step back and discuss the point of the project. Chat about the goals, the original problem they hoped to solve, their perspectives on budget and where the money is coming from in terms of allocation and unravel that tape. This is a critical part of a good design process.


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A good intelligent discussion generally reveals a better way to see the project leading to more room for creativity and often, yes!, more budget. Why? Because you take the opportunity to show them that doing a better job will solve more of the problem, strengthen brand image, deepen audience engagement and possibly even sell more if that were the objective. More bang.

So why do so many of our projects turn out well considered, broadly executed across multiple mediums, rich and detailed. Because we pushed to present an argument that we should all do our dam best and create enjoyable, long lasting and impactful work.

Barry Imber

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