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It’s a Wild Thing is a small batch home-made line of food stuff’s created by entrepreneur Jennie Akse from Burlington Ontario. The new brand expression is the evolution of herbalista Jennie Akse’s extensive relationship with and career in nature. Jennie is a wild plant and weed expert that forages for nutritious and delicious local plants, many of which have deep roots in traditional and native medicines. Jennie creates a number of foods such as salts, preserves, bouquet garni, teas, pestos and more.

The package design program for It’s a Wild Thing needed to be flexible and adaptable to any vessel while coming together at low costs since such hand involved products naturally start with an inherently high labour investment; adding packaging could easily make the products inaccessible to conservative price palettes and become counter intuitive to Jennie’s goals.

It’s a Wild Thing salts can be found at Centro Garden on Brant Street in Burlington Downtown:

Find Jennie at:

Or on Instagram: @realwildthing

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