Kevin O’Leary Fine Wines

Kevin O'Leary Fine Wines


Extending A Celebrity’s Personal Brand into Product

The Kevin O’Leary team understands brand and the importance of getting it right. When they directed their focus toward wine, a passion of Kevin O’Leary, they turned to us to assist. Insite was asked to create a wine brand and package that would communicate Kevin O’Leary’s love for Ontario wines as well as his desire to showcase the value and affordability of the region’s wines in a global wine perspective.

What we saw was an opportunity to highlight and leverage a side of O’Leary’s character that is often missed through how the celebrity is projected in TV and mass media. That was his drive to be honest and direct for the benefit of those around him, despite the criticism it might draw. Also, he is a big believer in collecting smartly financially — learn, earn, save, invest and hold of course — but specifically in areas of investments that may not be as attractive to others from the outside but which with a closer look and analysis, are real gems. O’Leary sees good value when others simply overlook.

Honest. Direct. Great value.

The identity and package solution needed to convey the brand ideas in an appropriately no nonsense honest and direct manner while quietly telling the deeper messages of pride and value under the surface. The main typeface was styled to conjure ideas of money, colours were kept simple using a tertiary green as per O’Leary’s brand family and finally the Magpie was introduced to support the idea of collecting objects and taking them to the nest — relentlessly searching for the next find and investing.


O’Leary Wines are produced by the highly regarded Vineland Estates:

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