Kew Vineyards

Kew Vineyards Wine Brand and Package

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Kew Vineyards

The Kew family farm was a land grant to an officer in the early 1800’s which began a long tradition of farming and family heritage. The property, being so beautiful as well as situated along a critical trade route, solidified it as a Grande Dame of the Region.

Vinifera was planted by Niagara wine visionaries in the mid 1970’s making Kew’s vines some of the oldest in the region. Since then the estate established a renewed fame within the industry for producing some of the best, most consistent wines which were most often blended within neighbouring wines.

The latest steward owners of the estate approached us with the idea of creating a winery on the estate that would finally showcase the quality of the wines as well as the beauty of the place — to be a gem of Niagara. This wine industry family wished also to make the place their “home” of wine and hospitality, in itself a demonstration of their genuine gracious approach to wine.

Insite assisted by re-imagining the role of wine and facility in the mindset of the audience. Our goal was to develop a unique and emotional experience for visitors who could make the wine pilgrimage to the old Kew estate.

And so a brand was developed that relied on concepts of country graciousness, legacy, family, attention to detail, timelessness and most of all — relationships.

The branding rolled out into package, interior planning and design, fabrication and selections, facility design, and landscape design — all of which was tied together to provide a cohesive finished package.

“From these old vines.”

The interior experience was conceived to shake up the typical impersonal “tasting room” routine and provide guests a more intimate and personalized engagement with the people and wines of Kew. Tasting bars and point of sale counters were replaced with friendly conversation areas such as a kitchen, cafe, dining room and outdoor terrace — all designed to make people feel at home, relaxed and encouraged to take their time.

The end result is a true expression of the goals and dreams of the client as well as what we feel is the desire of the current wine lifestyle engaged audience.