Pearl Morissette Niagara Vineyards

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery Wine Package Design

“Our wine will speak for itself.”

This sentiment from Francois Morissette was echoed throughout the development of the package design process with Pearl Morissette. Excellence in winemaking; from vinifera selection, to field practice, through every detail and process, Pearl Morissette has scrutinized and refined in order to make exceptional wine independent of cost as a burden.

How does one echo this philosophy in a package? Simplicity, elegance and fine typesetting modestly communicates that the contents within the bottle are the most important concept.

Francois Morissette asserts that the components of wine, the grapes, must be managed to do their best work; to be able to express their terroir and arrive to impart their unique character with the wine drinker without impedance. Our goal was to do the same. Allow fine paper and simple beautiful typefaces to introduce an elegant wine.

The result, for us, is refreshingly lovely and a standout from an ever filling room of loud talking wine packages.