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Plan B Organic Farms

Simply put, Plan B is good for the soul. Not to mention the health and well being of our ecology, local economy and bodies.

Plan B Organic Farms in Copetown Ontario is a CSA that has been growing and distributing organic food to the local area since 1997 and is one of the areas founding and most influential share based organic farms.

Being that the philosophies and people behind CSA’s are so close to our heart, we’ve previously felt a little shaky and cautious while working on the Plan B brand, treating it as precious and consequently, quite honestly, choked with regard to the visual execution.

Recently, it came time time to refresh the look and better represent who this dynamic and ground breaking group of people were, as well as serve key information to existing and potential share partners (customers). A change for renewal for them and redemption for us!

We took a breath and sketched a series of illustrations that we could form and layer into a flexible brand fabric. The illustrations can be rearranged as a whole or in part or even isolated while still adding up to be visually unique and memorable for Plan B.

For the website we utilized a straight forward WordPress template rather than designing a custom style as we normally do. This allowed us to reduce production costs while focusing on other areas that would stretch the investment toward better communicating the product and ideas.

With the new site and CMS in place for Plan B, they can adjust their style of communication efforts to be more of the minute and relevant rather than reactionary — a start to assist in adjusting the perception of CSA farms from being behind the times or challenging to buy from, to being progressive and current.