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The smart folks at PM Wyre, a Burlington Ontario Electronics Integration and Home Automation company, felt that to continue to grow and remain competitive in the quickly evolving and highly competitive commercial and home electronics integration marketplace in the GTA, they could use a little help to sharpen their brand and communication approach.

Insite was asked to analyze their business; market space, offering, customer demographics and approach as part of our brand tune-up exercise. The conclusion was that PM Wyre was an amazing company that could use a refinement of their focus and positioning toward establishing a brand position that could differentiate itself from other firms.

Additionally we felt strongly that the electronics integration landscape was saturated by a conventional eye watering “feature” and “gadget” focused approach that offered little if any emotional value to the proposition. All communications were complicated, stressful, confusing and even scary. The net result is that the product category is attractive to just a small segment of the market place and so by shifting importance toward the client’s lifestyle needs, their emotional wants and their desire for ease of living that is a result of electronics, we were able to reposition PM Wyre to access a broader audience.

To support this shift in attitude and service offering, we designed a new look, feel and tone for PM Wyre’s communications — centred around lifestyle, emotion and way of living. The website structure was created to appeal to novice electronics audience’s, removing jargon or need for base knowledge and replacing with new content based on how one might want to live, how electronics look when integrated and what fun you can have with the end result. Colours chosen were sharp yet fashionable and seasonal, evoking confidence and style suggesting PM Wyre will understand your style needs.