Provisions Food Company Niagara

Provisions Food Company - Niagara Brand Refinement & Package

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Brand, Vision and Package Refinement

Provisions Food Company is a home grown specialty food maker hailing from St. Catharines Ontario in the Niagara Region. The vision of Lori Elstone, Provisions began in 2012 as an expression of her years of travel, joy for cooking and love for farm country and the bounty of great food it can produce.

Lori recognized that her company brand, if it were to ever grow beyond a spirited start-up, would have to tighten up and focus. Insite was asked to assist in refining the Provisions brand from story through to identity and package. Like a lot of companies that approach us to review their brands, much of what was in place was off to a great start so it was really about concentrating on what made sense to Lori and her audience in a communication perspective.

Together we combed through the Provision back story to refine a clearer more passionate vision and then identified the core values and pillars of the kitchen that would better connect with those who shared Lori’s desire to enjoy good honest heritage food.

Next we translated what we learned to the identity program and then created a package program that would allow Provisions’ team to roll the packaging standards across any vessel or readily available container to save costs but not compromise impact and uniqueness.

The final repackage increased shelf appeal and market attention as well as provided Provision’s team with the brand guidance to go to the next level to which they are well on their way.