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Ravine Sand & Gravel Wine

Ravine Vineyards, located in Niagara’s renowned St. David’s viticultural area near Niagara-on-the-lake, is steeped history.

Not only are the owners 5th generation farmers and descendants of loyalists that founded the area, but they are an embedded symbol of entrepreneurialism in the region as well. Their family has milled, farmed, canned fruit, mined gravel, made boats and industrial equipment as well as now run the winery estate with esteemed restaurant and event facilities.

With the success of their first launch of estate wines, there became a need to create a wine that added more depth and could round off the table. Ravine asked us to assist in creating a new brand that could express another part of their perspectives on winemaking — essentially as if it were from the newer generation that are co-running the winery today.

Ravine Sand and Gravel is the original moniker of the business that operated a few generations back and so it was natural to apply the full extended name to this release.

For the brand, we kept it simple, wishing to convey sophistication and attention to detail while being grainier, more elbows on table and boisterous than the parent line of wines. We relied on a bold type solution married to textures which were collected from the surface patina of the winery’s facility.

The logo was inspired by the original hand lettered door on the Ravine Sand & Gravel pickup. Hand painted signs have been a fixation of ours and so the opportunity to reflect this tradition was a pleasure.

The label is printed flexo using 4 colour process plus an underlay of spot grey on coated stock. We dulled the paper and added a rustic texture using multiple layers of matte varnish. The result is bright, rusty and in our minds cheerful.


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