Silver Bay Cellars

Speck Bros. Wine Wine Brand and Package Design

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Speck Bros. Wine Co. is the expressionistic side of the Speck brothers behind Henry of Pelham Estate Winery in Niagara Ontario. Speck Bros. produce wines that celebrate their personal stories of family, history, philosophies and now favourite places to get away.

Silver Bay is a hidden gem of a beach along the Niagara Erie shoreline where the Speck brothers used to weekend as kids when they could steal away from their winery work. This incredible stretch of beach, much like so many beaches throughout the Niagara Peninsula is home to so much amazing beach culture where surfers, kite boarders, paddlers, picnickers and weekend cottagers escape to revitalize their soul.

This is what Silver Bay is about — finding your personal soul refilling station and the culture you make while doing that.

Where’s your Silver Bay?