Silversmith Brewing Company

Silversmith Brewing Company Brand & Package

Insite Silversmith Black Lager 6 Insite Silversmith CapSilversmith Brewing Co.

Brewed the hard way.

Beer. So much fun. Serious beer, even more fun. Recently a couple of guys who spent the better part of their lives outside playing and having fun, decided they should never go to work. And so they started a brewery.

Silversmith Brewing Company was born of the idea that craft beer was amiss in the region and still under served in Ontario.

With the heart and effort these guys gave toward their play, they set out to build a brewery in Niagara-on-the-lake and brought us along for the ride.

Insite has assisted in all aspects of brand creation, identity, package, interior brand environment, and web.

Though it’s still very early and they’re just beginning to brew while still building the brewery as we continue with brand, the market is already grabbing at whatever they can get.

Stay tuned.


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