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Bandit Wine Tetra

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Bandit Wines Package Design & Illustration

From Napa California, Bandit Wines is the biggest selling tetra packed wine in the US. Recently we were asked to assist in redesigning the iconic brightly coloured series to better align it with its core outdoor adventurous audience.

The series was created to celebrate key state parks across the US. We illustrated the packages in-house using a constrained set of Pantone colours so that the eventual package designs could print accurately on Tetra’s Flexo presses and processes.

Techniques were used within the illustrations to give smooth colour gradients independent of potential press challenges and a PMS background colour allowed the press and brand directors ultimate control over the main pack colour for a strong brand impression.

The result is a very recognizable and memorable series that have worked their way into the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts across the country.

Illustration: Barry Imber