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Dreams Start Somewhere

A few years ago, our 10 year old son Remi who was then 2, began sketching out a clean geometric logo of a fox head. He confidently proclaimed it was the identity for his future animal rescue company.

Years have past but his focus remains. He’ll have an animal rescue company one day. To finance the company and learn the ropes he asked if he could sell lemonade on the street as well as at the Centro Farmer’s Market we run every summer Sunday. And so Rem’s Lemonade Parkade stand was born.

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Being that we are believers in healthy eating as best as one can manage these days we helped our wee entrepreneur to style some healthier alternatives to the conventional refined sugar and imported concentrate lemonade. Starting with a base of clean caffeine free botanical teas produced by a Canadian tea maker, we made a number of recipes that built on the tea toward a refreshing cold tea sweetened with local apple cider and local unpasteurized honey. The result was fantastic and Rem’s weekly audience of pint sized fans grew.

Eventually parents asked for recipes so Remi asked if we could help step it up and produce a package with him to sell the teas along with the recipe. Tea Fox Beverage Co. was born.

What’s next? Rem intends to scale the offering from the Sunday morning hand selling toward retail, hence the Happy Camper Tea Set now available at Centro Garden in Downtown Burlington. His goal is to begin to truly fund his dream venture and build the Red Fox Animal Rescue Centre and Foundation. Go kid, go.


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