Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm Package Design and Interior

Insite Terre Bleu Maple Syrup 1 Insite Terre Bleu Retail Insite Terre Bleu Tea Insite Terre Bleu Vase Insite Terre Bleu Essential Oil Insite Terre Bleu Lav Sugar Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Bucket Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Bundle Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Grey Tea Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Honey Close Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Honey Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Pail Insite Terre Bleu Lavender Wreath Terre Bleu Entrance Crop Terre Bleu Field smTerre Bleu Lavender Farm Product Package System

We always pinch ourselves when we get the opportunity to work with a start-up venture that has the vision to believe in design as a critical part of their offering. It’s even more exciting when they see the value of designing a holistic package from packaging system through to retail experience. To top it off, to have this happen in the green belt of southern Ontario is awesome. We just love what’s happening in rural Ontario right now in terms of new business.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm is an adventurous lifestyle endeavor by a rural family in Campbellville Ontario. They fell in love with lavender while vacationing in the Eastern Townships and knew that this was what was next for them in life. Years, tears, and a lot of hard work later they are open.

Insite created a package program that could be used consistently and cohesively across almost any container that came our way. With such dear hand produced natural products, finding containers at low volumes is both critical and limiting. With such little choice for vessels, one has to make do and make the container fall into a strong program to create an easy cohesive final family look.

Next we imagined and designed a relaxed farm vernacular for the interior of this small green belt restricted building. We arrived at a format akin to the quintessential farm stand yet with a fresh almost Japanese aesthetic to evoke a peaceful romantic feeling.

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