Thirty Bench Winemakers Blend Label

Andrew Peller Limited Wine Label Design

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Thirty Bench Wine Makers — Winemaker’s Blend Series

A large focus for Insite is to create solid brands supported by strong identity graphics that endure and remain relevant through time. This is to avoid the easy trend or cliché trap and work a little harder to deliver a responsible brand program that audiences can invest in for the long haul.

One such brand we assisted in creating 10 years ago is Thirty Bench Wine Makers, a winery located in the Beamsville Bench that we were asked to rebrand and reposition by Andrew Peller Limited following their purchase of the winery.

Over the decade the label has remained unchanged yet continues to feel fresh and gain audience attention and sales. Recently APL asked us to look at the brand to create an extension or new series.

We determined that a responsible design would lean heavily on the original but had the opportunity to tell an element of the brand story that wan’t present in the first release.

The result is a moodier, closer focus approach that aims to tell us about the opinion of the winemaker that is inherent to the blend as apposed to the land’s pure terroir based expression.

The label uses a single colour and metallic blue foil stamp on laid uncoated paper.

Illustration: Insite Design

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