Vineland Estates Label evolution

Vineland Estates Winery Vineland Estates Winery label evolution

vineland_semi_dry_insite1The Canadian wine market owes a lot to the founding few that carved the way for the many wineries that are popping up today. One such original and highly regarded winery is Vineland Estates in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. So last year we were honoured when asked to assist Vineland in refining or evolving their iconic label.

For this project we took a step back to get a glimpse of Vineland from the basics – what was their essence and how was this expressed within the equity of the original label. Following many months, many drawings, and many iterations we managed to expand on what mattered and strip away what didn’t. The result should be a fresh look at the care and quality Vineland quietly prides itself in while making every bottle of wine.

The goal of this package was to express confidence, quality and timeless relevance within quiet ease — to reflect the way Vineland makes their wine and has offered one of the most inspiring estate wine experiences for over 25 years. We think it does.

This package is just being released this week at the LCBO and licensed establishments across Canada.