Vineland Estates – Reserve

Vineland Estates Winery Wine package design

vineland_elevationIn every wine region, there are wineries that have built a legacy to be honoured, and from them, wines which are to be celebrated. Vineland Estates is a winery that has been such an integral part of the Canadian wine market, and continues to be in so many ways, that it is truly inspiring. As part of the Vineland legacy, their Reserve releases have garnered international success and acclaim.

Recently Insite was asked to redesign the Reserve package to be better reflective of its legacy and support its reputation as one of Canada’s most esteemed wines moving forward. It was decided early in the project that a very simple communication was needed and that the wine could do the work. Consequently we worked with subdued metalized paper and textures contrasted with bold and striking embossed type and details. The result is confident and quiet, making no more noise than to say, “yah, you know what’s in here — perfection”.