Vineland Estates Winery – Elevation Label

Vineland Estates Winery Wine Label Package Design

Vineland Estates Winery

Vineland Estate Winery ~ Elevation Series

The key to fine wine may just be simplicity and authenticity. Allow the soil to do the work and deliver this perfection unmarred to the bottle, creating a true expression of the place from which the wine came.

When we were asked to create a label for Vineland Estates Winery’s esteemed Elevation series, we looked at the label in the same manner. To express simplicity, authenticity and place in a quiet yet confident manner.

Elevation is a wine that comes entirely from the Vineland estate in the Niagara wine region, in fact from particular vines at the highest elevation of their spectacular hillside winery. These vines are carefully tended to low yields and hand picked for high quality results.

Our label communication solution was to express these concepts of place and quality using subtle cues — spot foils, debosses and illustration on a fine textured uncoated paper results in a very tactile experience for the holder of the package. Some very faint type gives reward for those who get really close, providing the answer to the question of what Elevation means.

This limited release is on shelves in Vineland’s boutique.