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VQA Ontario Appellation & Resource Website

In 2008 we were asked to assist the Ontario VQA in consolidating a great body of wine research and intelligence toward designing and producing a world class appellation website to represent the regulatory organization. Insite managed thousands of pages of documents and research from Brock University as well as research we gathered from around the region on soil types, historical land use and mapping. Insite designed the look and feel, the architecture and user experience, wrote the content, produced the maps and user downloadable resources, as well as conceived how to position the content for various target audiences before programming the entire site on a stage to ensure the contract programming team would have an easy go of implementing the site into their server environment.

The goal was to create an accessible body of knowledge that could be both the indisputable main source of knowledge on Ontario terrior but also an invaluable technical and shareable marketing resource for the wine industry inclusive of wineries, wine influencers, marketers, sommeliers and the public at large — to get everyone on the same page and heading the same direction on a global stage. The result is easily one of the world’s most comprehensive and easily understood wine terroir resources for appellations and a great influence toward cohesion of a greater goal for Ontario Wineries.

As a company well engaged in the business of wine as well as having a deep love for wine, we find ourselves using the website on a regular basis and wonder what it would be like without it. Six years later the site stands basically unchanged yet still looks and works as well today as then. A testament to passionate work and a great partnership with the client toward the goal of creating a legacy rather than just a website. Cheers to the industry and the team of VQA.