Who is Insite?

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Insite – Brand / Design / Communicate

We’re a group of creative thinkers and designers that help our clients to build strong and relevant brands and cultures.

This means working closely to dig deep and reveal the value of the idea to the audience and community around the brand. To look at the whole of the offering and ensure that we all get it right from the start.

Since 1993, partners Leslie Akse and Barry Imber and team have helped conceive brands that audiences wish to engage in and live with. We assist in establishing the culture around these brands through deeper offerings, experiences, spaces, events and rich compelling content.

We continue to work closely with these brands to ensure they adapt to change and evolve within opportunity. They are vibrant and resilient.

We assist our clients with:

Branding, Creative Thinking, Design and Art Direction.

We leave no stones unturned as we apply our creativity and detailed execution to:

Strategy & design of brand, identities and brand culture

Packaging & display

Website & social properties

Experiential & retail interiors

Product design


Get in touch: studio@insitedesign.ca